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Creating a website that looks great and functions well is important for any industry, but that’s only half the battle— upkeep is just as crucial. Keeping a website maintained is crucial to ensuring it’s working at full capacity, engaging and retaining site visitors.

Your company’s website is your online brand image; it helps position you as a player in the field, allows you to engage and interact with potential consumers.

If your website is outdated or isn’t working properly, you may lose out on significant opportunities, like leads and sales. That’s where Website Maintenance comes into play.

Website Maintenance is the practice of ongoing monitoring and taking care of your website’s overall health, security and performance. There are a number of tasks required to properly check and maintain a website, from doing minor updates, fixing errors, performance issues, and updating the content to platform upgrades and more.


the importance of website maintenance

When a visitor/potential customer lands on your site, he/she expects that everything from “service/product page” to “contact form” is working properly.
because if it isn’t, he’ll leave right away and go to another provider, which might be one of your competitors.

Website maintenance ensures that your business, blog or online presence continues to work fine, evolve and succeed over time.
This also establishes that anyone who interacts with your site will always have the best user experience, encourages growth in traffic and boosts your SEO and rankings on Google and It also helps you know if your website promotion is hitting the mark.

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service details

Regular Updates

Without updates, the website will be easily exposed to hacks and stability issues.

Updates are essential for the functionality, stability, and security of your website; some updates contain error/bug fixes, security patches, and others contain new features.
We will safely update your website and all of its components while avoiding compatibility issues.

Safe and secure Backups

Can you afford the loss of your website?

All of the content and data on the website needs to be backed up regularly.
Have peace of mind knowing there will be regular, reliable backups of your site.
We will test them and keep them safe by encrypting and placing them in 3 different places.

Website speed & performance monitoring

No one likes a slow website

We will regularly check the performance and speed of your site and see how it’s
performing, optimize/fix any speed-related issues, optimize the database, and make sure that all pages load rapidly without any speed-related problems


Every now and then, even the biggest websites get hacked.
Hackers use a bunch of sneaky tactics to compromise your site, after that, they can do many things for example: they might lock it, install malware or use it as a spam server. This can reduce the speed of your website to a crawl, and can eventually get it blacklisted and gain a bad reputation.

We use best-in-class Security Suites. With 24/7 security monitoring, regular security auditing, hardening, password management, etc. We will make sure your site is clean, safe, and secure against malware, spam, vulnerabilities, attacks, and other threats. and if any files become infected we’ll spot them on time.

website health monitoring

What if the visitor wanted to get an idea about your company and the services you provide, but instead he got a “page not found” error.
We’ll regularly check the health of your site to detect and fix errors, compatibility issues,broken links, and fix any functionality issues that might affect your site.

24/7 uptime monitoring

Is your website up and running?
We’ll monitor the status of your website and get a notification when it goes down. So we could get it back online before anyone else notices.

comment moderation

Do you have people commenting on your news/blog page?
We’ll filter them, approve good ones and remove spammy ones.

monthly site customizations
With your maintenance service, you receive developer support from our team for the site and content tweaks, modifications, improvements, and more at an hourly rate.
news / blog update

So you want to add fresh content to your site?
Just send us new articles/news, and we’ll organize and post them to your blog

domain & hosting management
We’ll maintain control over your web host and ensure it is working efficiently. Also, do all hosting-related tasks, from creating emails to contacting hosting support on behalf of you
google analytics integration & reporting
Data analytics involves gathering and assessing traffic coverage and data on your website. We’ll provide you with detailed reports. Therefore you’ll be able to keep track of all results and understand how to improve marketing and user engagement.
E-commerce support

Do you have e-commerce functionality?
have more functions like shipping, Inventory and payment processing, etc We’ll take care of all those functions and make sure they keep working as they should be.

rapair hacked website

*Useful If you won’t choose “Website Security” Service
Is your website hacked?
We’ll clean it, test it and get it back online again at a simple fee.

support (working hours)

Got any questions/problems?
You can contact us via a phone call, chat, or email, and we’ll be ready to help you. We’ll also provide feedback, recommendations, training, and user guides.

emergency support
We’ll respond and act faster even in non-working hours/days
professional reports

We will keep you informed by providing professional maintenance reports.
So you know the exact status of your website.

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Great, respectful and professional team.. these people understand their job and know every detail in it.. I really don’t know how to thank them for their effort and sincerity and great patience and the speed of completing the work with the most professionalism and accuracy..

Heba Ragy

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Proactive approach

We maintain websites consistently with a proactive approach to prevent most of the problems from happening and to ensure that the website is and will continue to work fine, keeps performing well, remains updated, safe and secure. which will keep your business flowing



unique experience

Since 2016, we’ve provided businesses with quality website maintenance services. Protecting their business reputation, helping them in gaining customers’ trust. and we are ready to provide the experience and expertise your company demands.

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